To be able to fund IngeniousApps, my future organisation

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Hi there, I am XtremeCoder, the current owner of IngeniousApplications.

IngeniousApplications is a soon-to-be software developing organisation developing lots of applications to allow users to have a enhanced life. Our website is

I aspire to develop IngeniousApplications into a business in future. However, funds are tight, and currently do not have a job as I'm still a student in tertiary education. I hope to be able to obtain some supporters who can fund my work, allowing me to develop IA further. ​ Funding a server is expensive and I have been paying for the costs myself. By donating, you help me ease the monetary contributions that I have to pay, and allow me to use these extra funds to develop IA.

I hope to receive your donation!

My Personal Site : IngeniousApplications :

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