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I appreciate Magic: the Gathering card design by featuring custom community creations. 0 támogatója van.


I curate an Instagram page for the appreciation of Magic: the Gathering card design through the creations of the community -

I bring together a community of like-minded individuals by posting daily and encouraging civilized discussion.

I engage the community and promote creative contributions by hosting weekly card design contests, each of which feature other Instagram creators and are judged by previous winners.

I also give feedback to other users and creators, as well as create my own designs, images, and gifs!

Submissions from anyone interested in designing Magic cards are accepted and encouraged!

I consistently curate this page daily with content from all platforms of the custom Magic card creation community, researching and filtering it down to the best for my followers' consumption.

It takes time and effort, but I find it incredibly rewarding, which means I'm not going to stop anytime soon.

I am exploring the idea of taking completely optional tips/donations from those who feel philanthropic enough to send some my way. This is purely to gauge interest.

Many of my followers appreciate my efforts by messaging and encouraging me. I am grateful for all of the support, but in addition to the encouragement, any monetary tips would be incredibly appreciated.

Creation Tools: is the host of the premiere Magic card creator as well as the place for all forum posts regarding the program and the custom magic community. is a more accessible, browser-based application that is less polished but has a large community. is another more accessible web-based application with which to create custom designs. is a Mac-based application for creating custom Magic cards that's in development.

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