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I'm working on Inkscape and wish to involve more users of Inkscape in it's development. The hope is, that by having a way to fund development, not only will I be more able to dedicate time to Inkscpe development but will hopefully be able to listen to users requests and focus on the things that users have often asked for.

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python-crontab 73 Frissítve 2 hónappal ezelőtt

Crontab module for reading and writing crontab files and accessing the system cron automatically and simply using a direct API.

inkscape 1 Frissítve 2 hónappal ezelőtt

Inkscape vector image editor

inkscape-mathml-extension 0 Frissítve 1 évvel ezelőtt

This provides a way to generate mathml based input into an inkscape document.

gtkme 0 Frissítve 1 évvel ezelőtt

A Gtk wrapper library for python.

python-chore 0 Frissítve 2 évvel ezelőtt

A multi-platform job dispatcher to help support multiple cluster and job scheduling platforms at the same time. Job managers such as slurm, lsf and good old bash are supported.

phantom_recorder 0 Frissítve 2 évvel ezelőtt

Using phantomjs, this project seeks to record a webpage and produce frames of pngs with transparent backgrounds which can be overlayed in a video editor. The default target is a Big Blue Button chat gen which turns BBB chat xml files into a video.

evcf 1 Frissítve 2 évvel ezelőtt

Enriched Variant Call Format module, for reading and writing VCF files with extra meta data about the isolate and it's phenotypes.

python-xsd-validator 0 Frissítve 3 évvel ezelőtt

This module allows data in python to be validated against XSD schema files. It will accept XML, Json or pure python formatted schemas.

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