David Leal

Open-source advocate | Community Manager | Game/app developer

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For the last 2 years, I've been working on many open-source projects as a maintainer and contributor. Open source and communities are my passion. People always feel welcomed in friendly communities.

As a maintainer of EddieHub, The Algorithms, Devicon, and many other organizations, one of my responsibilities are to review pull requests, issue triaging, repository maintenance, bug fixing, and much more.

I'm also a moderator of 30+ active Discord communities, one of them being Community Classroom, SurPath Hub, DEVSTRONS', WebXDAO, and other communities. If you need help with your community, you can contact me via Discord and we can work together! Panquesito7#3723.

💰 Why support my work?

By supporting my work, I'll be able to work further on open-source projects and communities, share tips and resources, contribute and join other projects, and make useful tools for the community.

Thank you for your support and being here, even if you do not sponsor me, it's still very appreciated!

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submodules-alternative 2 Frissítve 1 héttel ezelőtt

An easy-to-use Git modules alternative to make the cloning process easier

tic-tac-toe 10 Frissítve 2 héttel ezelőtt

Tic Tac Toe in C++, CLI, and CLR using Windows Forms

memory-game 5 Frissítve 3 héttel ezelőtt

A Memory Game with buttons, using Windows Forms and C/C++


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Open source resource for learning data structures & algorithms - Please support our work!

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