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Historian, translator and maker of resources

Co-founder of Book Publishers Lone Fox Publishing

A treasure-trove of beautiful books inspired by the finest poets, artists, photographers and illustrators of the past. Here you will find old and new favourites in which to immerse yourself, share with friends and family and re-discover again and again.

Created Priam, Ancient History Hub & Knowledge Base

Picture credit: Johann Georg Trautmann (1713–1769), Blick auf das brennende Troja (View of the Burning of Troy). Oil on canvas. From the collections of the granddukes of Baden, Karlsruhe

Priam, Ancient History Resources

Priam, Ancient History Resources is a growing collection of resources about the ancient world. Texts, online magazines, databases, tools and communities are complemented by a section of highlights and a gallery with images from and about antiquity.

Whether you are new to ancient history, seeking to deepen your knowledge or are an experienced ancient historian, there is plenty of material on Priam for you to explore.

Resources are categorised by level: 'starting out', 'building on my knowledge', 'advanced/expert'. Especially useful to teachers, students, graduates, researchers, writers and history enthusiasts.

Software translation

History translation

B&W Photography

Picture credit: Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki. Photography by the author.

Beautiful Greece

A free calendar featuring my black & white film photography for you to enjoy.

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