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My name is Hritik Jaiswal. I am a senior undergraduate student from K.J Somaiya college of engineering, Somaiya University with a 3.7 GPA.

I'm interested in computer vision, deep learning, and ML, NLP, I'm also familiar with deploying the ml model using flask, docker. Currently learning more about google cloud, AWS EC2 instance, aws sagemaker, MLOps, transformer, attention.

Tech stack I used: Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Opencv, Pillow, Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, flask, react.js, node.js, NoSQL (Document oriented database: MongoDB), Shell scripting, git, GitHub.

The fact that technology is growing day by day and much new technology is emerging in the market, which really excites me more, the technology like AI, Cloud, DevOps, web development, software testing are opening unimaginable avenues for the future. If I talked about my area of interest, so I'm more focused on this set of technologies i.e. computer vision, machine learning, and web development.

Through an internship at Software development cell (SDC) KJSCE. last year in web development, I gained experience in web development, cooperate with designers to create clean interfaces and simple, intuitive interactions and experiences. Complete detailed programming and development tasks for front end and database as well as challenging back-end server code. We carry out quality assurance tests to discover errors and optimize usability.

This experience not only increased my working knowledge of web development but also helped me develop a great team spirit.

As I'm Head of R&D Department in robotics team of college i.e. team kjsce robocon, I had a bit knowledge about working on various tasks and also in research, planning, time management, software development life cycle (SDLC), Documentation, team collaboration.

Apart from this, I like to create technical blogs and also contributing to various open-source organizations.

I'm always learning new things in coding, algorithms even getting interested in cloud infrastructure and Docker.

Financial donations do add a feeling of responsibility, for some. It’s important for us, in the globally connected, fast-paced world we live in, to be able to say “not now, I feel like doing something completely different”.— @alloy

"I would be very thankful if you donate me some amount, so it makes me keep motivated towards open source contribution, I appreciate donations from everyone, from everywhere, no matter the amount."






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