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For many years now I've been dedicating a lot of my personal time to working on free and open source software projects.

Notably in recent years, significant chunks of work have been dedicated to contributing to projects such as VLC media player, and live-build (a Debian Linux tool for building live OS CDs/DVDs/other), as well as building a (the) Rust programming interface to PulseAudio for which I am the sole developer.

For some time now I have not actually been in paid employment and so I have no actual income at all. I have been dedicating my time, foolish as it may be, to such work as above, eating through my meagre savings, rather than doing paid work, but I enjoy working on these projects. This is certainly not sustainable, I need an income. Any donations that can be spared to help fund my work would be appreciated and make a difference, even if it's just small.

I have much work that I still want to accomplish. At the time of writing this, right at the minute I am heavily involved in work on live-build, with a large set of items on my to-do list. I have a lot of work partially completed for VLC that needs polishing and sending in to the official team, and a need to look into converting the Rust PulseAudio interface to make use of "Rust Futures" (not easy), along with various other stuff.

I have become a huge fan of the Rust programming language, which is an excellent replacement for the ageing C and C++ languages, and I would love it if I could find time to help transition a bunch of existing programs and libraries to to this new language for the huge benefits it offers, notably including better preventing many of the security mistakes that are made in other languages.

I have a lot of experience in particular with C, C++, Rust, PHP, and Unix shell code.

Projects hosted on github and gitlab services are linked below. Debian projects are hosted on their own gitlab based service called salsa. You can find the live-build project here, and my personal Debian Salsa account here.

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FFI and bindings for using PulseAudio from the Rust programming language.

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VLC dev [archived, moved to]


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