Creating neuroaffirming zines, events & services by and for neuroqueer communities and accomplices.

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Neuroqueero works toward bringing a sense of community to neuroqueer people everywhere. We want neuroqueer people to have access to the resilience and support that cohesive community brings, in as many places as possible.

By us, for us

Neuroqueero offers neuroaffirming zines, events, and services by and for neurodivergent folk and accomplices. Curated and mostly made by Dr KJ Hepworth. We also foster collaborations and resource sharing within neuroqueer communities.

Money as love

Neuroqueero is a social enterprise. This means it has a business structure but does not make a profit off of activities or sales. All profit is re-invested in neuroqueer community.

We are everywhere

Where are neuroqueer communities?

Neuroqueer people are everywhere. Mutual aid occurs primarily in Australia at present. They may expand as resources and interested folks in other places show up.

We are on Ngarrindjeri Land

Neuroqueero operates on Ngarrindjeri Land, in the great southern land most people know as Australia. We recognise Elders past and present, and the cultural authority of Ngarrindjeri People. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

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