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We contribute to Emacs Org Mode

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The Org Mode project has no infrastructure costs. Your donations are equally shared among team members and will help them find the time and motivation to continue contributing.

See this discussion for some context.

Here is what we collectively do:

  • Maintain the website
  • Maintain, our collaborative documentation, up to date
  • Monitor the Org Mode mailing list and reply with polite and constructive answers
  • Sync Org Mode latest stable version with Emacs code repository
  • Filter out spam emails from the mailing list
  • Release Org Mode
  • Check and fix Org Mode bugs, discuss and add Org Mode features

See if you want to contribute.

Please contact <> if you want to be added to this team and start receiving donations.

Be aware that donating through Liberapay may imply using non-free JavaScript, which is harmful*: please contact <> if you need to find another way to donate to this team.



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