Benjamin Mayrargue

Committed against pandemic

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At my level, analyst devops and freelance app programmer, but also startuper, i am committed to find and build apps useful for the people in the first front of the pandemic.

I also write technical articles aimed at helping developers and deciders.

IFEP: Mon Geste en Plus

This app, in French, could be translated to all languages. With this app you will remember who you have met in the last 15 days. In case you are declared positive to covid, you could then decide to contact all these persons.

With a manual form that you fill every day in less than 30 seconds, it's the best solution which also protects your privacy at 100%.

The app is available on Google Play Store and also for Apple's device but not on Apple Store as Apple has always refused to publish it.


This is a specific app aimed at facilitating the control of exit authorizations. Built to keep 100% privacy, it does not require any right on the phone. And it's open sourced.

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